this is Probably the most important thing in the document. Despite the fact that the buses should be checked twice a year, their owners as well, as most motorists prefer to buy a diagnostic card. And as the age of the bus fleet is not small, but runs huge, and the number of accidents due to a malfunction regularly growing. A bus accident is not two cars collided. Victims are tens.

a Very good example is the bus accident that occurred in February of last year in the Kaluga region. The bus, which is more than 30 years, has passed inspection in Norilsk. But we have no road link with the city. It is clear that it was a fake inspection.

as the inspector can not sit constantly at the point of inspection, changed the order of reception of the vehicle. Inspection by prior appointment in accordance with the schedule set by the operator and agreed with the chief of regional traffic police. Willing to go, needs by phone or email to notify the operator to call the desired date. But not earlier than five days. This time is given to coordination with traffic police the time of reception. Also in this case, you must provide information about the make, model, identification number and registration numbers. If any of this data was not provided, the inspection will be denied.

you Also need to leave a phone or e-mail to the operator reported about the decision.

Technical condition checks the expert operator and record the results in formed in UAIS THE diagnostic card. An inspector checks the results meet specified requirements. It also checks the bus and driver information records of the Ministry of interior. And makes diagnostic card conclusion about conformity or discrepancy of the bus safety requirements. In General, the inspector makes a decision on admission to the operation of the bus.

Thus, the control over the technical condition of buses will be much stricter. And to buy a diagnostic card via the Internet will not succeed. It is not enough that it will be formed directly in a Single information system, and signed by the strengthened qualified electronic signature of the inspector of traffic police.

the Document will come into force simultaneously with the amendments to the law on checkup, date of entry into force of which was postponed to April 1, 2020.