Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed the government resolution on temporary rules of operation on a rotational basis. Where he is used, due to restrictions adopted for non-proliferation of infection, you may experience problems with the delivery of new shifts. In this regard, the production can change the timing of the watch, the duration of the accounting period work time and work schedule taking into account the views of the trade Union “primary”.

At the same time a number of limitations:

– the accounting period should not exceed one year;

– the normal working time for an accounting period shall not exceed established by the Labour code is 40 hours per week;

– may be increased to a maximum duration of watch for not more than 3 months, subject to the duration of daily shifts no longer than 12 hours and this duration of rest period between shifts of workers, taking into account breaks for meals;

the days mezhdunarodnogo stay due to recycling are paid at a daily rate unless a higher payment;

– refining the norms of working time established in the accounting period is payable as overtime.

the increase in the length of the watches are permitted with the written consent of the employee, is furnished by the conclusion of the additional agreement to the labor contract.

the Temporary order is valid until the end of the year.