The government approved the order of registration of the hospital because of a coronavirus

the Rules apply to insured persons who have returned to Russia from countries with disease of new coronavirus infection, and living with them. The main document for assignment of benefits – sick leave certificate is issued in electronic form by authorized medical organizations. Each region will determine a list of no more than three health facilities that are centrally to do remote documents.

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If the hospital is made on the basis of direct inspection by the doctor, milorganite shall not later than the next day to send FSS the information on issuance of certificate of incapacity.

Citizens returning from coronavirus-infected countries can apply through your personal account on the website of the social insurance Fund (SIF). It is accessed through a single system of identification and authentication (ESIA). Allowed to apply and those who are not registered in the system.

the statement is required to specify, in addition to conventional data, account number pension insurance, mandatory medical insurance number, consent of another person to apply for it. The application should attach scanned copy of first page of passport and page with marks about border crossing (if there are no marks, then copy tickets or e-tickets) as well as documents confirming living together with persons under quarantine.

On the basis of this information the citizen for the next day will feature the hospital for 14 days.

For the purpose of payments no additional action is not possible to take FSS and the employer will cooperate on their own. Payment of benefitsIya will take place in two stages: during the first week of being quarantined – within one day of receipt of all documents from the employer, but not later than the seventh day hospital, over the following days, the first day after the end of the quarantine.