The government announced the cooperation with the Central Bank and inflation risk due to implementation of government programs

At the meeting of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with members of the Russian government had announced measures for monitoring the implementation of national projects, their impact on the economy and announced a “safe” inflation in terms of the volume of investments of means of Fund of national well-being.

First Vice Prime Minister Andrei Belousov said that the implementation of national projects the government together with the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs created working group. In the group’s portfolio, according to him, “now 196 applications, of which 15 projects with a total cost of 3 trillion rubles has already passed the examination of VEB and the RDIF”.

the meeting was first announced, official estimates of “inflation safe” investment in the country’s economy from the national welfare Fund. Andrei Belousov said that this amount is “about 300 billion rubles a year”. However, he noted that one ruble of investments of the NWF in the government is counting on investments “not less than 4 roubles of private investors”.

Belousov noted that “the implementation of a number of measures to support the economy … will be accompanied by a major injection of liquidity into the economy”.

In this regard, according to him, “take thin, literally filigree joint work of the government and the Bank of Russia to prevent macroeconomic imbalances and acceleration of inflation”. For this, the government and Bank of Russia have agreed about creation of “a permanent, online consultation mechanism for assessing the current situation and, if necessary, of taking action independently in the field of their competence.”