– selection Criteria, – said the Deputy Minister of culture of Russia Olga Yarilova, the manuscript proved historical value, a witness of the era, and readable as ordinary readers and specialists. Another thing is that the law for the protection of literary monuments us improving. Because after 2024 round titruemyh books will expand.

in the meantime, the examination has divided the book into periods of publication to the XVIII century, before 1830 until 1914. In 2019 digitized 8 thousand publications. Among them, the cultural diamonds, now available to read on the portal, the gospel, “Apostle” of Ivan Fedorov, “guidelines for the treatment of sedentary life” from the library of the Romanovs, a collection of laws “Russian truth”, “Surgical talk” 1914 and other.

In 2020, as expected, the digital Statute of 12 to 16 thousand books. In 2022 up to 48 thousand unique books will become a digitized. It raises the question about the selection criteria for more current editions which are more, and they survived better.

– For me, the cultural monuments – books, from which, when take in hand, experience the cultural tremors – said the head of the Federal Agency for press and mass communications, Chairman of the National Union of bibliophiles, Mikhail Seslavinsky. – Another thing is that we are squarely confronted with the problem: which of today’s books to make in the register of cultural monuments? And then I would be in the framework of the project offered to consider a grant for the development of criteria for modern Russian literature as a cultural monument.

Director of the RSL Vadim Duda will join the initiative. He suggested that one of the selection criteria for inclusion in the register of book monuments considered “books of the laureates and winners of literary competition “the Big book”.

– There’s a grain of truth, – said Mikhail Seslavinsky, and that we will not rush with the digitization of books, particularly modern. This systematic work. Besides, I, for example, shook the empty fundamental library in the Italian Bologna. My question is: “Why?” I heard: “And all the books digitized”. We need to think about, to get people reading digital, appreciated the chance to touch the living book.