The Deputy head of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) Anatoly Golomolzin dismissed at his own request. The decree was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. Mr. Golomolzin worked in this position since 2004. He is 59 years old.Anatoly Golomolzin, the FAS was in charge of the sphere of fuel and energy complex and chemical industry, but in February 2020 the powers transferred to the state Secretary—Deputy head FAS Andrey Tsarikovsky. Mr. Golomolzin last time continued to oversee the regulation of communications and information technology.In 1983-1995 years Anatoly Golomolzin worked in Siberian energy Institute. Since 1995 he worked in the antitrust authorities. In 2000 he was appointed Deputy Minister for Antimonopoly policy and support of entrepreneurship, and in 2004 — Deputy head of the FAS. In 2014, Mr. Golomolzin speaks the Chairman of the Exchange Committee of the Central Bank, FAS and FNS for the development of exchange trade on the domestic market and for export. 2015 is headed by the methodical Council of the FAS for tariff regulation.