Prince George

Have a six-year-old of Prince George’s seven godparents, but they rarely talk about it publicly. More interesting was the participation at the 61-year-old Julia Samuel, a British psychotherapist, a pediatric consultant and godmother of the young heir to the throne, in the recording of the podcast “How to fail with Elizabeth day” (How to Fail with Elizabeth Day). During the conversation, Julia shared her observations of the eldest son of 38-year-old Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Samuel was a close friend of the late Princess Diana, which also remembered. According to the godmother of Prince George, from the memoirs of the Princess of Wales was born a family tradition to give unusual gifts.

Prince William with childrenHe (Prince George. — Approx. ed.) is stunning. He’s funny, brave and daring. Oh my God, Diana would have loved it! For them it is heartbreaking… I do to George what he did for us Diana — give unimaginable toys that are too noisy. William has to spend a few days to collect them together. And when all the mechanisms are assembled, the toys make awful noises, flashing lights… this George is laughing, and I’m having fun with him, told Samuel.

Princess Charlotte and the Prince George

in Addition to Julia’s godparents of Prince George are relatives and friends of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: school friend of the Duchess Catherine Emilia Jardine-Paterson, a court official and private Secretary to Prince William Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, the Duke’s friends Oliver Baker, William van Cutsem and Hugh Grosvenor and William’s cousin Zara Tindall.