finally, she could not decide: The Zurich GLP neither Ruedi Noser (58) of the FPD, nor Marionna Schlatter (39) recommended by the Greens for the second round of elections in the Council of States. The green liberal voting share decided.

The Zurich-based Problem is a prototypical example of a Problem that the GLP Switzerland has far: To whom? On election Sunday, the green liberals were the winners, won nine seats. One reason for this is the ecological wave. Thus, the Green rose 17 seats. The liberal FDP lost four seats.

“No Hype-party”

The GLP would have not only benefited from the “Green” in the name, says Nicola Forster (34), Co-President of the GLP Zurich. “We are not a Hype party, which is short jumped before the elections on the green wave.”

The voting share stated Forster, with commonalities they would have with both parties. The GLP would like to be taken even for the second ballot. “The Greens have provided us with the candidacy of Mrs. Schlatter with a fait accompli. To stand alone would not have made sense.”

Schlatter is disappointed,

Marionna Schlatter is on the phone a little disappointed about the lack of Support. “Of course, it would have pleased me. Finally, we have to call together the Climate and the GLP has benefited from it.”

Quite surprisingly, the decision is not in the eyes of the ” a ” button switch but. “I expected that it will be difficult to get a recommendation.”

their chances of Election are an estimate of the GLP decision difficult. “Of course, a recommendation would have helped. But a part of the GLP would have Noser,” says Green.

Ruedi Noser can live with the voting share. “I expected it to be so, that was four years ago,” he says. Noser can be expected with GLP-Support: In the support Committee of prominent names, such as, for example, the former President of the green liberal party Martin Bäumle (55) are to be found.

Aargau GLP recommends Green

In contrast to the Canton of Zurich in the Aargau section adds a splash of colour: The green liberals in the Aargau to support the Green Council of States candidacy of Ruth Müri (49). “For us, it is clear that Ruth Müri is able to represent the interests of the party at best”, say it in your media release.

No recommendation for the second seat, although with Thierry Burkart (44), the FDP representatives is up for election. Burkart, however, applies Noser than less environmentally-savvy as Ruedi.

“Each Canton should decide on its recommendations, as it is in the Council of States a persons choice,” says Forster. “The discussion shows that there needs to be a party between the Greens and the FDP.”