The global edition of the refuse from the oil funds

Moscow, 31 Jan – “News.Economy.” The British newspaper the Guardian decided not to advertise oil and gas companies, even despite the fact that this means the financial blow to the media. In the end, the newspaper may become the first major news organization, is banning the oil and gas producing companies.

In recent years, The Guardian actively illuminates the problem of climate change and the climate crisis. Last year she decided to start talking about the situation associated with climate, in harsher tone. Now the publication uses terms such as “climate crisis” and “climate emergency” instead of “climate change”.

the Newspaper has decided to completely abandon advertising money from the oil companies that hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“Our decision is based on many years of efforts of many members of the industry to prevent action by governments around the world, leading to climate change,” said acting Director Anna Bateson and chief revenue officer Hamish Nicklin.

Also the Guardian promised by 2030, to become an organization, is neutral to the carbon.

Guardian Media Group (GMG) gets 40% of its revenue from advertising, so the failure to promote oil and gas company will be a financial blow for the organization, according to managers.

“the funding Model of The Guardian, like most high quality companies in the next few years will be unstable. The refusal of some advertisements complicate our existence in a very short time. Nevertheless, we believe that a more purposeful organization and maintenance of financial stability should go hand in hand,” said Bateson and Nicklin.

Greenpeace approved step The Guardian, saying that “this is a very important moment in the battle against oil and gas”: “the Guardian Newspaper has just announced that it will no longer allow dirty oil and gas companies to advertise with them on the pages, because we are in a climate emergency situation”.

the Environmental organization called on other media to follow suit because of “dirty oil companies exacerbate an emergency situation in the field of climate”: “Let them write in history books. But not in our news.” Text: News.Economy