The girls with the Diamond Princess gave information about the lack of coronavirus

the Two Russians left the cruise liner Diamond Princess, which was quarantined in the Japanese port of Yokohama due to the coronavirus. As told in a live program “60 minutes” correspondent VGTRK in Japan Sergey Mingazov, they were taken by car of the Russian Embassy.

the film Crew of VGTRK managed to make the photography of women in Japanese airport. For obvious reasons, the Russians did not name any of their names nor of their city. They don’t want to talk to the press.

According to ulitsa mingazheva, in the Russian Embassy in Tokyo reported that the Russians have a special certificate from the Japanese authorities that they are healthy. “This kind of security certificate gives them the right to go home by a regular flight,” said the reporter.

Presenter Olga Skobeeva noticed that a lot of trust these Japanese references do not cause. According to her, getting home, women may infect other passengers. She asked ulitsa mingazheva position on the issue of the Russian Embassy in Japan.

“Our diplomats come from the position of the Japanese authorities: if there is a certificate, it means they are healthy and pose no danger. However, all the information about our citizens on Board the liner the Embassy reported to the CPS in case Russian authorities will want to be interested in them when she flies to the Motherland”, — said Sergey Mingazov.

the Ship Diamond Princess out of Yokohama on 20 January and returned to port on 3 February. The Japanese authorities placed the ship in quarantine due to the fact that on Board was a citizen of China who came to Hong Kong and got sick. On Board were 3711 people, including 2666 guests and 1045 members of the team. According to the latest data, on the contracted the coronavirus on the liner 355 people.