After seven year old Irina from Bryansk region was taken from the foster mother, the fate of the baby is monitored the whole country. The other day the girl was discharged from the Bryansk regional children’s hospital. Did it there a month ago in terrible condition, which brought her parents-the torturers: emaciated, weighing only 9 kg at seven years old, hungry, dirty, with frostbitten legs.

the Prosecutor’s office of the Bryansk region found that the foster mother Ira, in which six of his blood children, not involved in the upbringing of the foster girls and didn’t care for her. In relation to the former miss Lucy’s criminal case, she is accused of crimes under articles of the criminal code “Torture” and “Default of duties on education of minors”. Also under investigation in respect of specialists of the guardianship, which for six years did not check the conditions in which lives are taken under the care of a child.

Before Irina, almost dying, was found by a neighbor, the mother left for two weeks to the oldest daughter. Her children, she gave relatives and “non-native” has left with her husband-an alcoholic. After it was revealed the trouble with a child, Igor admitted that he had been in those days hard drinking and not feeding the baby.

earlier, However, no alarms from the villagers about the family the police did not arrive.

“MK” sought the acquaintance of Natalia, the inhabitant of Bryansk, with which they together in 2013 took classes for foster parents

– courses, we all talked. We were surprised that Natalia already six of their own, and they want to get more. Of her can say that she is a very domineering woman, with a husband we never saw, but in her stories, she keeps a tight rein. In all the situations that we discussed in class, she always reacted in such a way that she knows everything, like, she had this experience! I can still tell you about our care. For 6 years they come to us only once came in the very first year, before issuing documents, and all. This year in March, that is, 6 years later, we were called from there and said that he would like to meet you. And all the questions they ask on the phone…

it is not Surprising that with this attitude to their duties of guardianship, we have the case history, like the one that happened to a little Ira.

the Children’s Ombudsman in Bryansk region Inna Mukhina shared with the “MK” latest information on the little Martyr

Ira had completed medical treatment in the hospital and she was transferred to the orphanage where she will undergo a rehabilitation course. To see her now, no one can, since all such children’s institutions closed due to the epidemiological situation, so we will watch videos about it, pictures as it develops. In parallel, it will podbirat�� family, I hope, will choose a loving, good family, such applicants are available, they are working.

What were your impressions from the meetings with the girl?

this month I visited her every other day. Now she looks good, gained three pounds. She went to the amendment, and emotionally – is used to attention from people, and physically. All these positive changes occur through the efforts of the medical staff of the hospital. She had, among other procedures, a massage that strengthens the muscle tone, she became more confident to walk (the child has contractures of the lower extremities – the limitation of motion of the joint). A lot of caring strangers offer to help her, give presents. On July 27, the end of the investigative activities in relation to its adoptive parents, and officials of the guardianship, then the court will take place.

…Everyone who know this terrible story, I hope that the former guardian answered in full for their crimes and will go to jail. People believe that children, especially older daughters, knew about the abuse of Ira, and contend, why was detained adoptive mother, not her husband, a drunkard, who so foully mistreated baby, and her adult daughters? Under each photo of Natalia on her page, and her, and children, you will want to leave the curse.