the Lady Reddit with nick Valcoeur stopped to chat with the family after the mother was told about her pregnancy to everyone except her. A story that happened four years ago, the girl shared with visitors online and found support. Many users have convinced her that she did the right thing.

Valcoeur told me that her parents always behaved very childish and, according to her, was horrible to children. When the girl was 16 years old, his mother asked her to look after the younger children and disappeared for three days. During her absence the author of the post overheard his mother with his younger brother. From his daughter, learned that her mother is keeping a secret from her pregnancy, while the rest of the family knows about it.

after Returning home, the woman made a small party with family members, which the witness refused. “Why do you live here if you always alone?” — asked the mother remaining in the room daughter, and then she decided to leave the family and left the house.

four years Later, the girl’s mother contacted her and accused that left his younger brothers and sisters and doesn’t care about them. However, in a review supported the author of the post. Wind-river7 brought to her attention that she should not be held responsible for the actions of the mother and to babysit her children. “First and foremost you must take care of yourself. With guilt it is very easy to manipulate people,” wrote bentonstaub. Some people also praised the girl for what she was able to escape from the “toxic environment”.

Previously, users of Reddit supported 28-year-old woman, who shared her shocking story. The younger brother confessed his love to her, and then ran away and stopped returning calls and messages. Commentators advised the woman to seek help and to send a brother to a therapist.