The Text “eine Stadt sucht einen mörder” by Jenni Roth for time magazine has won the German reporter award in 2018 in the category of “Free reporters”. Also awarded in the category “science” was to help the TIME-Text “brain research: should His experiments to cure Parkinson’s disease and dementia” by Moritz Aisslinger. In the section “Investigation” was awarded the Research to the abuse allegations against Dieter Wedel by an Investigative Team at the TIME, and the time magazine consisting of Jana Simon, Annabel Wahba, Christian Fuchs, Nadine Ahr, Anne Kunze, Khue Pham, Amrai Coen and Götz Hamann.

The piece “eine Stadt sucht einen mörder” reconstructs the investigation into the murder of Carolin G. in the baden-württemberg small town of Endingen. The author describes the anxious mood, which spreads to the Disappearance of a young woman slowly into the city. The pressure on the investigators, is enormous – not least because in Endingen, almost everyone knows each other. The author spent several days in the small town, and accompanied the investigators.

The Text “brain research: should help His experiments to cure Parkinson’s disease and dementia” revolves around the tübingen neuroscientist Nikos Logothetis, of the was because of his research as a contender for the Nobel prize – and, suddenly, in the criticism of animal rights activists came.

this year’s special award for Investigation went to the American Ronan Farrow for his research on sexual threat, and violence. “Without him, the film producer Harvey Weinstein and others could continue to use their Power to harass women and to abuse”, – stated in the justification for the price. “Without Ronan Farrow, the global #MeToo movement would not be where it is today.”

the outstanding Reportage of the mirror was excellent-Text “child’s play” by Claas Relotius. He tells the story of a young man that many blame for the outbreak of the Syrian civil war, even he himself.

For the project “Radmesser” was won by a Team from the daily mirror in the category of data journalism. The group gathered data on road safety for cyclists in Berlin and illustrated these in an interactive graphic. The prices in the total of 13 categories were awarded on Monday evening in Berlin.