during the last weeks, the efforts of the authorities were aimed at countering the epidemic, the preparation of emergency measures to support citizens and the economy. And work will continue, assured Vladimir Putin. But the situation is changing, he said, and it gives the opportunity to concentrate on other matters. To restore the rhythm of life is extremely important to provide a solution to the strategic challenges of large-scale projects with a long horizon.

one of such priorities and decided to speak at the meeting. A little over a year ago, we began implementing the program of development of genetic technologies, and Putin offered to see what has been done and to discuss further steps, given the challenges faced. The conversation, however, still focused on the development of anti-COVID-19.

“Genetic studies pave the way for the creation of test-systems, vaccines and drugs, including from the coronavirus,” said President and thanked genetics for her contribution to the fight against this threat. Advanced medical technologies are extremely important, but not the only direction of genetic research.

the President named the main goal: “Russia should have a whole line of development that will prevent and treat serious illness, increase life expectancy of people, the environment, remove pollution of land, water, air, use of environmentally friendly biofuels”. “The scale of the task, the breakthrough, the importance for the country program for the development of genetic technologies comparable with nuclear and space project of the twentieth century,” compared to Putin. And must meet this high bar.

within the framework of the national project “Science” creates three genomic center of the world level. Everyone needs to be a consortium of research institutes, universities, industrial and innovative companies from Novosibirsk to Crimea. The main technological partner of the program was “Rosneft”. The head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin has asked to exclude from the taxable base of the company funds for the development of genetics. This would be an important incentive for investment in the industry.

Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova called the four main areas of work of the genome centers, biosecurity, medicine, agriculture and industry. The parent organization, the Kurchatov Institute. Although genome centres have been opened recently, there are results. Including the anti-coronavirus. Quickly was organized the work on creation of diagnostic tools and development of vaccines. These trends have broadened the genetic program, and the speaker asked the President’s approval for amendments to the research plan. For preclinical studies prepared by unique strains of viruses, which are able to destroy cells of brain cancer and breast cancer, also told it.

to ensure the competitiveness, tasked to study the issue of limitations and conditions for the admission of certain types of foreign products to the Russian market, which were created from the genetic technologies, said Golikova. First of all it concerns agriculture. Russia should increase domestic production of equipment and consumables for research and development of genetic technologies, she said.

With important news were made by the Director of the Institute of molecular biology Alexander Makarov: about research on humanized mice, the genome of which add human genes. Center “Vector” in June will receive specially grown mice that are sensitive to coronavirus, to test drugs and vaccines. “I don’t know how anyone, but I personally can tell when you talked about the humanization of the mouse, the sense of awe emerged, but the internal alarm. From genetically engineered fantasy creates a variety of images of these humanized mice. I hope that everything is under control” – with a smile said the head of state. Makarov said that even in Novosibirsk, a monument to “the mouse sits and knits its genome”. While scientists use rabbits, rats, small fish and worms-nematodes.

Created test system for protective antibodies to the coronavirus, it won in an international study in the United States. Test system detects antibodies in 99 percent had been ill and practically does not give false-positive reactions, said Makarov.

Even the Institute developed a technology of using viruses in the treatment of patients with end-stage cancer, said the Director. There is a large percentage of cases, when there is a remission. “This is particularly evident in the case of glioblastoma is a malignant tumor, which often began to hit our leading artists, cultural figures, and unfortunately with a sad end,” he said and told that the Institute was transferred to the tumor cells Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. “We have them duplicated and has picked up viruses that kill these cells. But while the situation is not so alarming, to apply our technology”. Even Makarov said that genetic data biathlete Evgeny Ustyugov indicate the natural elevated haemoglobin, and they will be presented in the court of arbitration for sport. This allows you to drop the charges. Putin thanked and expressed confidence that this will be a weighty argument.

the head of the centre of Virology and biotechnology “Vector” Rinat Maksyutov told about the work on a vaccine from COVID-19. Identified three promising drug. “In June we are completing preclinical studies of efficacy and safetyness already finished formulations of vaccines in a minimum amount sufficient for the transition to clinical studies in the first and second phase of 300 volunteers,” – said the speaker, adding that the vaccine is calculated to register in September. The President expressed the hope that it will, and called in advance to think that the intellectual property was definitely secured.

in addition, Vector expects to register a unique vaccine against the dangerous virus on the planet – smallpox and exit its production in 2021.

Giving the floor to the head of the Ministry Valery Falkova, the President was asked about his health. “It’s no secret, Valery suffered a coronavirus, ill. As far as I know, and I watched what was happening, as well as other colleagues from the Cabinet. There, too, all of them recovering, colleagues in fact already start to work”, – he said. Falkov assured that recovered.

Concluding the discussion, the President recalled that the plan is being prepared for the long-term development of the economy. Its mission is to provide a new quality of growth. “Now in the world of genetic, biotechnology going forward very rapidly, and the basis for our competitiveness in these areas need to shape for decades to come”, – he stressed and called the six tasks.

the First – to create a modern system of training. Second start courses on genetics for schools. The third is to submit proposals on creation of domestic equipment base, allowing to carry out genetic research on a global level. Fourth: to create a National database of genetic information. The fifth is to link scientific collections in the network of bio-resource centers. Sixth – to create opportunities for all who are ready to achieve breakthroughs. Putin instructed to develop a system of monitoring the use of genetic technologies.