General Director of “Lokomotiv” Vasily Kiknadze said that it opposes the resumption of the championship RPL.

“the Germans now started, we must see what the consequences will be. They have already eight injuries after the first game of the day, and quite serious. Let’s see how the Spaniards and Italians. The French walked away. You need to make a choice – sports component or human health. Or we can completely protect people, or idea is very risky,” – said Kiknadze in the program “Football of Russia” on the channel “Russia 24”.

According to him, the next meeting of the clubs of RPL will have the debate on this bill. Kiknadze said that he had written a letter to the RFU, in which he said that is too dangerous to return the football.

“But if you return, you need to clearly understand who is responsible. The amount of claims that can be filed, can become significant. I know that the work on the Protocol is underway, and we will get answers to questions,” he said.