The game

the app stores for iPhone and Android smartphones, is published and is gaining popularity the original version of “Tetris” called PNLK. Its developers decided to stand out, applying unconventional design.

In the game, as usual, post without leaving any empty cells, the shapes falling from above. However, they look like prefabricated modules of the Russian apartment buildings. The design of the modules differs depending on the level, each of which offers a “collect” a new city (St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, etc.).

Menu of the game is in the form of intercom, and keys, action figures – in the form of concrete fence with graffiti. “I do not want to remove the line and win, not to destroy beauty,” write the authors (the game was created by a group of independent developers) commentators on Twitter.

“Wonderful idea, very addictive, because a little harder the usual Tetris. Only after some time appears irresistible nostalgia and some sadness,” warning played in PNLK.

a Kind of depressive aesthetics of Russian residential districts is not the first time attracts game developers. About a year ago on Steam has released the game “WXL: Winter” (It’s winter), which is part of a multimedia project of the Moscow poet and musician Or Maso. “You have nothing, you can’t get out – only a broken radio receiver, food in the refrigerator, loneliness, and the endless snow”, describing the game its authors.

Text: To.Hi-tech