The SBB CFF FFS are part of the identity of the Switzerland. The labels and ads at train stations and in the trains are multilingual. Multi-cultural Switzerland pure.

This is Andreas Meyer, the current railway chief has learned, after an initial faux pas that led to the strike of Bellinzona, very quickly. And he implements it in his company day in and day out. He spoke no Italian, mastered it fluently.

you have to remember that a language is more than a stringing Together of words, but a whole culture in which one thinks, speaks and dreams?

For the Headhunter a dead language

And now this: A well-known Headhunter explains to the search of the new SBB-heads convinced that French “quantité négligeable”, to be “unnecessary”, according to his personal German vocabulary.

Of Italian he doesn’t speak at all. Not a word of the language, for all the chiefs of the former state-owned enterprises like the Post office, but also in the duty is so important. The language of Dante and of many of today’s international Manager is for him, “lingua morta”, in his Headhunter German translates to “a dead language”.

A false-in-chief of the SBB CFF FFS

This is a mistake. We have the great terms such as harmony, balance, state policy. A Director-General of the Chemins de fer fédéraux suisses, and Ferrovie federali svizzere, speaks not a word to his Thousands of employees, the understand in dealing with cantonal authorities, only the train station, the wishes of the customers of the many non-German-speaking Swiss do not know – he would simply be the wrong head for the SBB CFF FFS.

Marco Solari (75) is President of the Locarno film festival. He was honored this year for his commitment in favour of the Italian language and culture with the local price and the Bonny price for freedom.