a Press-service GU FSIN across the Irkutsk region appealed to the relatives of the convicts, serving sentence in the colony No. 15 in Angarsk. Regional Directorate of the Executive Agency asks them “do not trust the citizens, spreading false information”.

Recall that on April 10 this year in penal colony № 15 there was a riot of prisoners in the course of which was set on fire and a fire destroyed part of the industrial area companies and one person died.

may 20 broadcast of the French TV channel broadcasted a program about the event. According to the press service of the Executive departments, the story is based on inaccurate information. More precisely, in the words of people who are interested in destabilizing the situation in prisons.

– a Dishonest and false position of the TV channel France 24 is considered by us as a provocation aimed at destabilizing the social situation in the Russian Federation, – is spoken in the message.

In particular, the French TV crew accused the management of GU FSIN of the Angara is that their crew was not allowed on the territory of IR 15. What the press service of the Ministry said, “the ban on visits to the colony due to restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in prisons”.

And all the questions were answered in writing.