The seizure of 33 of the Russians in Belarus was the result of successful special operation of SBU. It is indirectly confirmed by Lukashenka himself: in an interview he said that he learned about the “group of militants” from Kiev. It is now clear that the Russians were lured into a trap. It is also clear that the Ukrainian intelligence agencies to independently perform the operation, which involved the President of a neighboring country just did not have enough qualifications.

The arrest in Belarus of 33 Russian citizens were the result of large-scale provocations organized by Ukrainian law enforcers. Learned how to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” from sources in the Russian special services, the provocation started with the creation of a fictional project for the protection of oil facilities in Syria and in Venezuela. The project managed to involve up to 180 citizens of our country, and the first group of three dozen people were veterans of the war in the Donbass.

Russians in the draft touted people who were presented by employees of Rosneft. They called, as it happens with virtual numbers. A flight from Minsk to Istanbul was purchased through Ukrainian companies.

When the first group of “mercenaries” finally left Russia and crossed the Belarusian border, all of her tickets revoked. As a result, the Russians could not fly and got stuck in Minsk. Documents proving the purpose of the trip, which the Russians presented to the Belarusian investigators, turned out to be fake, because the company employing them in reality was not.

According to the newspaper, the main purpose of the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) was to drive a wedge in Russian-Belarusian relations, and at the same time to avenge the failure of his provocations in the Kerch Strait in November 2018 was detained by Ukrainian boats. Indirectly reputational hit were intended and Rosneft – as one of the largest Russian companies.

The veracity of this version said the former militia of Donbass Vladlen Tatar.

“it’s No secret that many employees of PMCs flew abroad through Minsk. Knowing these transit schemes, the provocation could develop someone from representatives of the Belarusian secret services in cooperation with colleagues from Kiev”, – said the Tatar newspaper VIEW.

According to Tatar, the professional level of the Ukrainian security services in recent years is clearly increased obviously thanks to the cooperation with the Americans. Its high level was confirmed by the elimination of the militia leaders, as well as the introduction of agents in the highest positions in the republics of Donbass. “If they were interested in undermining relations between Minsk and Moscow? Without doubt,” – said the source.

He’s not surprised that the staff of PMCs did not think that their trap.

“the veterans of the Donbass – are ordinary people. On the tickets that they bought, nobody has written “attention, this is a provocation SBU”, – concluded the Tatar.

Professor HSE, a political scientist Oleg Matveychev believes that naivety showed himself the President of Belarus.

“Lukashenko – do rustic gullible person like Pinocchio, capable of hosting any Fox Alice and cat Basilio. He sang in his ears, as if the West recognizes his victory in the elections only if he quarrel with Russia. At the same time he slipped the information that Moscow intends to reject almost half of Belarus. And he believes it. In General, Lukashenka is confused. Not realize that they are manipulated,” – said Matveychev the newspaper VIEW.

But the head of the Federation Council Commission on information policy and interaction with mass media of Russia Alexei Pushkov believes in simplicity Lukashenko. The reaction of the Belarusian leadership on the scandal indicates that it was profitable “unwinding” of the story and then to create from Russia the image of enemy. “Lukashenko knew what was coming. Hard to believe he was an innocent victim of the Ukrainian security services. Still, it is not the first day in politics,” stated the Senator, Recalling that Lukashenko is rapidly turned this provocation in his campaign.

The Kiev political analyst Mikhail Pogrebinsky also believes that the Ukrainian security services would be unable to succeed without the assistance of the President of the neighboring country.

“If Lukashenka would not – nothing would have happened.

We see the manifestation of long-standing ties of the Ukrainian and Belarusian special services. It is clear that Alexander G. patronized these relations”, – Pogrebinsky said the newspaper VIEW.

The analyst also believes that the “great success” of the Ukrainian security services were implemented at the request of Washington.

“Such a high-profile case, as the rift between Minsk and Moscow, of course, has its geopolitical goal. And it is clear that it was supervised by US intelligence. Too effectively it was done,” concluded Pogrebinsky.

That without American participation there has not been, I am sure Ukrainian politician and blogger Anatoly Shary. The interviewee agrees that the purpose of the provocation was the attempt to drive a wedge between Moscow and Minsk. “That the United States is able to organize and conduct such an operation, I believe. And SBU – do not believe,” said Shary newspaper VIEW.

We will remind, detained last week in Belarus, 33 Russians, the Minsk calls “militants” and accused of planning to destabilize the Republic during the presidential elections. KGB of Belarus calls the majority of the detained fighters “private military company “Wagner”. Kiev has asked Minsk to extradite the detainees whom it considers citizens. However, he pledged yesterday that the Russians will not give Ukraine until Kiev does not prove their guilt.

On Friday, the Investigative Committee (IC) of Russia has started pre-investigation checks on the fact of detention Rossi��n in Belarus. About it reported to “” the representative of the UK Svetlana Petrenko. After collecting all data, the office will give a legal assessment of the case.

About the detained Russians to the President of Belarus on Friday for the first time called the President Vladimir Putin. The leaders spoke for the first time since the naal scandal. According to the press service of the Kremlin, had “expressed confidence that this situation will be resolved in a spirit of understanding, typical of the cooperation between the two countries.”

However, the press service of Lukashenko told about the results a little differently: “the Presidents agreed objectively and carefully examine every existing fact in order to establish the true causes of the situation, to identify those responsible and bring them to justice” (quoted by BelTA).

The presidents also discussed issues of further development of brotherly relations. Putin stressed that Moscow is interested in preservation in Belarus the situation is stable and the holding of the upcoming presidential elections in a calm atmosphere.

After talks of the presidents of the tension in relations between the two countries will begin to decline, told RIA “news” the Federation Council member Oleg Morozov.

“Putin has first hand to hear the version of the Belarusian side. Lukashenko is forced to explain not only the detention of the Russian citizens, but also the whole political context of recent developments and our own assessments,” said Morozov.

And the Russian Ambassador in Minsk Dmitry Mezentsev, visiting the Belarusian nuclear power plant, urged: “we Must reject the arguments, misunderstandings, not to pay attention to different situations, and if you are having any discussions together to understand and agree on the Foundation of trust and openness” (quoted by TASS).

We will remind, on Friday in the reactor of unit 1 of Belarus NPP began loading nuclear fuel, signifying the start of operations for his start-up. By the way, the construction of the NPP is 90% funded by a loan from Russia.