The French stock exchange regulator banned short sales of shares 92

the French state Committee for control over financial markets (AMF) has banned on Tuesday a short sale of shares of several companies affected by quarantine and panic in the markets.

“In accordance with article 23 of European regulation on short sales, the AMF has decided to ban short sale of the stock most affected by falling prices, in the end of the session March 16, 2020,” — says the statement of the Committee.

Article 23 of the rules permits the regulator of the country to temporarily restrict short sales in the case of reduction of prices for one trading day “more than 10% for liquid securities, more than 20% for illiquid shares when their price is above 0.50 Euro, and more than 40% when its price is lower than 0.50 Euro”.

the Ban is valid from March 17, one day for 92 shares. On March 6, 2020, when Saudi Arabia announced a price war in the oil market, the world’s stock exchanges repeatedly experienced a fall in the value of assets by more than 10%. Stock exchange the United States has repeatedly suspended trading due to the fall of stock indices. The CAC 40 index, reflecting the value of the largest French companies on the Paris stock exchange Euronext Paris, from March 6 for 1.5 weeks fell 1.5 times.