The Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe won by a large margin in the second round of municipal elections of the mayor of the city of Le Havre. He scored 58,83% of the vote.

we Have excellent results and I thank our citizens who took part in today’s vote. It is an act of trust and exclusive responsibility. The results of the elections in our municipality tonight will be a lot of comment from commentators, may be a lot of work. I wish them luck, — quotes TASS of Philip.

However, the head of the government did not talk about his plans. The decision to resign as Prime Minister, he left to the discretion of the French leader of Emmanuel Macron. According to him, he is willing to remain at his post, and the implementation of election promises in Le Havre lay on the shoulders of his team.

Earlier wrote that the 80-year-old Frenchman made a scene at the polling station of the city of Thorigny-sur-Lake in the Yonne Department after a request to wear a mask.