Today, June 14, the President of Emmanuel macron, addressed to the nation and declared that the epidemic of the coronavirus defeated. Monday, June 15, opened within the national borders of Europe, and from July 1, renews the message with the countries outside the Schengen area, where “the epidemic is stopped.” The whole of France goes in the “green” zone, except for two overseas territories of Mayotte and Guiana. Tomorrow will restaurants, cafes, bars, all students from June 22 to go to school.The main challenge now, according to the President, will be the economic revival of the country and preserving order and social harmony. Recalling the equal rights of citizens about the importance of the fight against racism, it expressed its support for the guards, providing a “Republican order” and stressed that France will not refuse any one name in their history and will not remove any of the monuments raised to heroes.President Makron has promised to announce details of the renewal programme in his July speech.Alexey Tarkhanov, Paris