With the Federal President, Alain Berset (46), the foreign Minister, Ignazio Cassis (57) and Finance Minister Ueli Maurer, (68) took yesterday three Federal councillors to the framework agreement with the EU position. They covered the whole spectrum of opinion.

The SPler Berset, wants to accept the protection of Wages, no loss and the contract is refused. Of the SVP Federal councillor Maurer, want Brussels to dictate – and so against the Treaty. And the free Democrat Cassis, secure the bilateral way and for some toad wants to swallow.

path of least resistance

anyone, and Brussels is not merely snub, they chose – as VIEW previously said – the third way between a Yes or no : You do not evaluate the draft Treaty, but the agreement in the consultation. This was a very technical, French-language published Text yesterday.

Up in the spring, the Federal Council wants to find out in a consultation with the “stakeholders”, as the design is evaluated. So he feeds the Text in the normal political process and hopes to find out whether adjustments to the mandate and consent to the Treaty are possible.

so Far it doesn’t look like it: Unia-President Vania Alleva (49) made it clear to VIEW that the trade unions will move to the framework agreement, not a Millimeter: “The EU has stipulated that it must be in the Union the same wage for the same work in the same place. Their instruments are not sufficient, however, to enforce this.” She makes it clear: “We will not lower our protection on the EU level. The agreement in this Form, we must fight.”

Where left and right meet

Also, the SVP rejects the draft Treaty as an erosion of direct democracy and want to fight him. And party mastermind, Christoph Blocher (78) said yesterday on the tele Blocher: “The Federal Council knows exactly: He doesn’t take this contract through the people.” So he is close to SP chief Christian Levrat (48). “It would be pointless to want with the head through the wall. In the present Form the agreement would be neither in the Parliament nor in the population is a majority.”

While the FDP wants to check the agreement now on the heart and kidneys, criticized CVP-President Gerhard Pfister (56) the free-minded members: This would set the social partnership consensus “without the Need on the game”. The CVP-chief of the Swiss Federal Council clarity about what points discussion game area with the EU.

EU pulls Powerplay

As it turns out, is very small: The European Commission, under Jean-Claude Juncker (63) announced yesterday that the negotiation result is “best possible outcome”. Brussels will continue to follow the process exactly, the expectation was clear: “We hope for a positive outcome.” to give

To the still a bit of an impetus, the Commission announced to assess the new Situation expected for next Tuesday – “including the decision to” whether the same value of the Swiss stock exchange in 2019.