The fraction in different parts of the body: crippled Swan has found a new home

Crippled in Ufa Swan gave the name of Martin, and has found a new home in Tatarstan. The bird passed a two-month rehabilitation in the Kazan center of the full Moon. There he was cured and went out.

unfortunately, to live in the wild Swan will not be able — a bird’s wing healed crooked. Therefore, it was decided to put him in the hunting in Nizhnekamsk, where lives a Swan.

As reminiscent of the GTRK “Bashkortostan”, in late December, volunteers found a bird freezing on the lake Warmth in Norse. He was shot several times, were unable to kill and left for dead. The Swan has identified seven fractions in different parts of the body, a broken wing, and comorbidities. Volunteers of the center have complained that people with guns are behaving very inappropriately. “Why shoot at anything that moves”, — wonder animal rights activists.

Text: GTRK “Bashkortostan”