Residents and the U.S. government seem to be tired of riots and riot, arranged because of the slain policeman, an African American, George Floyd. In the night on Sunday in Minneapolis, where riots broke out, police for the first time acted tough, thwarting attempts by the rebels to break curfew. Calls for an end to the excesses of the sound on both sides of the political spectrum and from members of the public across the country, however, the end of violence not yet seen.A police SUV drove up to the crowd of protesters and stopped in front of a plastic fence, which put the number of protesters, blocking the street. In the car with the included siren and flashing light flew bottles and traffic cones. One of them hit the windshield and cracked it. Wrapped in an American flag, a man approached the car from behind and thrown on the roof of a gray trash bag.Suddenly drove up the side of another police car — she did not stop, but drove slowly on the protesters blocking the path. Car with broken glass, meanwhile, jerked forward, crashed into fence and knocked as the design itself, and stood for her people.This is not the only remarkable episode in past days. In Jacksonville (Florida) police threw stones and bricks, and one was stabbed in the throat. In the city of Ferguson (mo), rioters pelted police with stones, bottles and fireworks. In Indianapolis (Indiana) during the riots shots were fired: three people injured, one killed, police looking for the shooter. In Nashville (tn) set fire to the courthouse and the municipal Council. However, in the endless story of massacres and riot the past few days have been a turning point: the authorities seem to have run out of patience. One of the first responded to the mayor of new York bill de Blasio. When the scene is swept away from the fence and fallen to the ground the protesters dispersed on social networks and provoked a storm of criticism, he has reacted very cautiously. “I won’t blame the officers, faced with an absolutely incredible situation. People who have blocked the way to the car, have done wrong, creating a no-win situation. I would like the officers did anything different, but let’s look at the situation from the beginning. The protesters, no doubt, was not supposed to surround the police car,”— said the mayor. He threatened anyone who took to the streets attacking the police and ordinary people: “You will be arrested.”Its no strong protests, said the mayor of Minneapolis. On Friday evening, police retreated before the rebels who violated the curfew and were not to disperse them. In the end, the troublemakers made a real massacre on lake street (one of the main shopping streets), justgrabel many shops and starting several fires.On Saturday evening it was different: the police, having received a reinforcement arrived from the suburbs of colleagues, took to the streets in full riot gear to prevent riots. Even peaceful protesters who came to the police station where the employee worked, accused of killing George Floyd, called on to disperse, referring to the introduced in the city curfew. When the calls have had no success, it went tear gas, stun grenades and batons — police, moving a wall, quickly cleared the street, arresting several dozen people. Helped them and the locals — they proactively came to the protection of their property, some with firearms in their hands.”The situation in Minneapolis no longer has any relation at all to the murder of George Floyd. It has no relation to the attack on civil society, to the suggestion of fear around our great city and the obstruction of his work,”— commented on the transition authorities to force the Governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz. “We will not allow this behavior in our city and will not allow to burn it to the ground” — echoed the mayor of the city of Jacksonville (where a policeman was stabbed in the throat) lenny Curry.Calls for peace are heard from politicians. In addition to Donald trump, who is on Twitter praised the national guard for actions in Minneapolis and called for a response to the protests, “FORCE”, spoke and Joe Biden. “The last few days have demonstrated that we are a nation enraged by injustice. Every conscientious person can take all the pain of the trauma experienced by people with other than white skin color in America, from everyday harassment to horrific violence, like the horrific murder of George Floyd”,— reads the statement of policy.A Democrat said that to protest against the violence right, but violence is unsuitable for this method. “The very act of protest should not be more important than the reasons for the protest. It should not turn people away from the noble goal that this protest needs to happen,” said Mr. Biden. He did not fail, however, to be reminded about the upcoming elections in six months, promising in case of victory to establish an active dialogue on issues of police violence and the relationship between the guards and the people.In the last years of American riots are not without search “Russian trace”. “Well, again liebestreu CNN accuses RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA. They are horrible losers with a VERY bad rating. P. S. the China, they can’t blame because the money is needed, Yes?” — written by Donald trump on Twitter, without specifying what kind of story aroused his indignation. Creating accounts on behalf of the activists, Moscow allegedly sought to sow discord in the us aboutbschestve. Authorities the charges were confirmed.A few days ago on the CNN website, an article appeared under the title “Analysis: Yes, around the Minneapolis spreads misinformation. No, it is guilty not only Russia”. There, in particular, argued that the Russian media are actively covering the protests in the United States, not to cover the protests at home. “The greatest achievement of Russia: the paranoia that it inspired American society. Now you can often see that the Americans call those people and groups in the social networks with which they do not agree, Russian trolls and bots,” says the author notes, CNN correspondent Donny O’sullivan.The Russian foreign Ministry, meanwhile, urged the service to investigate the police attack on the correspondent of “RIA Novosti” Michael Turgiev in Minneapolis. “We consider it unacceptable employee use of American law enforcement non-lethal weapons, including rubber bullets and tear of aerosols against representatives of mass media upon presenting their press cards,”— said in a statement the foreign Ministry.Meanwhile, despite the widespread introduction of curfews and increasing public outrage at the excesses and pogroms, to consider that the conflict surrounding the death of George Floyd exhausted yet. Protesters not satisfied with what the police Savino Derek, who was standing with his knee on the neck of the black man before his death, charged with involuntary manslaughter — many consider it too soft. In addition, three colleagues of a policeman to watch, but not intervene until the question of justice not — so protesters still have something to achieve.Alexey Naumov