The Hasselt court of first instance on Wednesday, four children of the Kurdish families have been convicted of a deliberate strokes, three minor siblings. Three of the sons were given a prison sentence of six months, the fourth child in a prison sentence of four months, each time with a porbation touch. On the deferment of payment, terms and conditions associated with it. They have a integratiecursus to follow. The father had previously been up to six months of conditional prison sentences have been convicted of similar offences. Its Has a court ruled that he had no additional punishment was given. The three under-age girls, with a belt for editing.

The offences took place between February 2011 and may 2017. The victims were young teenage girls. The girls were punched, kicked, in, the hair is pulled against the floor. One girl had a picture of the injury, her mobile phone is stored. There was, also, the CLB reported the abuse to the members of the family. If they are not, for example, three hours per day to study, then, served as a brother to them, with the flat of your hand or on the belt. If the kitchen is not immediately cleaned up, it was in the throat is gripped, or when the hair is pulled out. Another daughter, who, with a bloody nose being beaten and was told of the zorgleerkracht that she is afraid of her parents and her siblings.

The criminal court was speaking of serious matters with a low moral standards and lack of respect for the physical and psychological integrity of the victims, and to the contempt of the two brothers, for their sisters.

“The facts need to be clearly seen against a specific cultural background, which, apparently, different set of norms and values in relation to the position of women within the family. It turns out that the Dutch language is not sufficient or is not to be in control, so as to have a integratiecursus is appropriate, “ according to the district court.

in Addition to the prison sentences given to the four brothers, each with a penalty on one or more occasions.