Employees of Rutgers University examined previous periods of global warming on Earth. They came to the conclusion that the current changes are different from historical.

If early warming was due to changes in the planet’s orbit, now it is caused by human activity, says Science Advances.

Scientists have studied sea level changes and glaciers in the Cenozoic era. To do this, they examined the chemical composition of deep-sea sedimentary rocks of the Pacific ocean and the isotope content of coloroda-18 and them. This allows you to specify the water temperature and its oxygen saturation in the past.

In addition, the level of isotopes is affected by the amount of light which varies due to the fluctuations of the Earth’s axis, comprising the cycle of Milankovitch. These cycles coincide all the changes except the last one.

As previously wrote the experts of the world meteorological organization announced that the coming summer on the Earth is not quite common. The precipitation deficit may occur on the territory of South America, and Australia and the West of Indonesia can pour rain.