the Younger sister of TV star Kim Kardashian is the businesswoman Kylie Jenner, which in may was deprived of the status of the youngest billionaire in the world, photographed at home in blatant form. The publication appeared in the Instagram account of her makeup artist.

the picture shows 22-year-old Jenner posing in the kitchen in the open light pink robe. Celebrity demonstrates on camera the neckline and the work of celebrity makeup artist Ariela (Ariel) on the face: he imposed on her eyelids shade bronze color, but on lips, the lipstick ludowego shade. “Almost 23”, signed post master, making reference to the age of the model.

the Publication has collected 63 thousand likes. Fans praised the beauty Jenner and her makeup in the comments. “She’s perfect”, “No makeup don’t help me look like her, You’re a perfect duet of the master and model”, “Fresh and beautiful, wonderful work,” said they.

Earlier in August, Kylie Jenner has starred in a candid shooting for the Chinese version of fashion magazine Vogue got on its cover. Posted picture shows her posing on a chair in tight latex dress red. Outfit of the brand Saint Laurent are a deep neckline and high slit.