Wenceslas vengrzhanovsky, the former star Building-2, trying to dissolve the marriage with his wife Daria.

The couple lived together for only three months. The fact that their wedding had a mistress Wenceslaus, and announced that she was pregnant by the groom.

The situation is so shocked young wife that after some time she tried to commit suicide.

The girl was rescued, she is now under the supervision of experts. She has serious mental problems.

Wenceslas now wants to dissolve the marriage with Darya and reunite with his pregnant Leroy. He plans to officially recognize a child.

But Daria against divorce. The situation has reached an impasse.

“I was a lawyer. Dasha is blackmailing me, if we divorce, she will kill herself. Does not give me a divorce. But to live with a crazy person I don’t want and afraid of this”, — quotes StarHit words of Wenceslaus.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, few know that the real name of Wenceslas Jaroslav Screws, and a name he chose because the translation from Polish, it means “crowned with glory”.