As noted in the letter addressed to the current monarch from his father, Juan Carlos I was king of Spain for nearly 40 years and “always wanted the best for the country and for crown.” In this regard, he expressed readiness “to contribute to the alleviation of the performance of the functions” of his successor that became necessary against the background of the scandals engendered by certain events in his personal life Juan Carlos I. “My heritage and my dignity demand it of me”,” wrote the honorable king.

“a Year ago I expressed my will and desire to discontinue the exercise of public activities. Now I announce that I am informed the decision to move outside of Spain,” – noted in the letter from the father to the son. Where he intends to go unreported.

As noted in the Royal house, Philip VI thanked his father for the decision and noted “the historical importance of his reign”.

Recall, Juan Carlos I abdicated in favor of his son in June 2014, but retained the title of honorary king. His decision, he then took in connection with health problems, after several operations on her hip but was barely able to move. Besides, even then the image of Juan Carlos I was somewhat shaken because of series of scandals.

So, in 2012, Juan Carlos I, as Chairman of the Spanish branch of the Fund of protection of wild nature WWF, participated in the hunt for elephants in Botswana while his country was in the midst of the economic crisis. This behavior angered the Spanish “green”. Besides, he had illegitimate children, need to acknowledge.

And this despite the fact that the reputation of the Royal house was so tainted by history of theft and money laundering, which has been implicated in-law of Juan Carlos I Inaki Urdangarin (currently serving time in prison). With this problem we had to deal already Felipe VI, he had to deprive his sister Christina and her husband the title of Duke and Duchess of Palma.

Information about the illegal activities of Juan Carlos I and accounts in Switzerland appeared long ago, but now the scandal has reached its peak. The press got the revelation of his former mistress.

information about the past 82-year-old former head of state has caused discontent in the society. But Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez did not rule out the possibility of amending the Constitution to restrict the immunity of the king.

by the Way, in March this year, king Philip VI decided to formally refuse the inheritance, which could get from his father Juan Carlos I, and was deprived of his funds from the budget of the Royal court after the media got information that the former head of state has received about EUR 65 million from Saudi Arabia.

the Whole series of scandals forced the Juan Carlos I to take such an important decisionIX. But at issue now is the fate of his wife Queen Sofia. While there is no information whether it will go to the border with her husband or remain in Spain to keep Philip VI.