The former head physician of the Samara hospital convicted for money fraud

the Former chief physician of the Samara hospital of a name of Pirogova convicted of monetary fraud. The verdict to Valery Kirillov was made by the court of the Oktyabrsky district. It is reported STRC “Samara”.

Besides him, on charges of fraud with the money of the hospital for the dock was still two employees of a medical institution: the head of human resources Anna Dorofeeva and chief accountant Oksana Ryzhkova. Fictitious trudoustroeny employees, they earned their salaries — in the period from November 2014 to may 2017. All, therefore, listed more than two million rubles, according to “Volga news” with reference to the SU RF IC in the Samara region.

as a result, all the defendants received suspended sentences: Valery Kirillov — 5 years imprisonment, the other two supernumerary – two and a half years.

Text: GTRK “Samara”