The claim of the former head of Chuvashia Mikhail Ignatyev against the President of Russia Vladimir Putin is not a legal, but a political move. This story could end up “landing” of the former head of region has declared in conversation with journalists the Vice-President of the Federal Union of lawyers of Russia, ex-Senator Eugene Tarle.

According to the expert, Ignatieff made a demonstrative move, in which he can achieve many challenges. As said Tarle, judicial practice in Russia did not know of such examples and now absolutely not ready to such proceedings. The former Senator said he believes the lawsuit Ignatieff political challenge, an attempt to enter politics after retirement.

I think it ends with “landing” Ignatieff. And I think that the police will soon inspect his work, will find corruption and he will be arrested — quoted Tarlo NSN.

As previously wrote the petition of the former Governor of the Chuvash Republic Mikhail Ignatyev to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Supreme court returned to the plaintiff in terms of demands for more rights to social security. Putin has deprived Ignatieff from office after he was forced rescuers to jump in over their heads the keys of fire equipment.