the Former head of the security Service of Ukraine Igor Smeshko, who was a candidate for the presidency in 2019, negatively assessed the defense of their country. In his opinion, in the event of war, Russia bombed Ukraine, USA, Yugoslavia.

Smeshko speculate about Russia’s military might in the channel “Ukraine is 24”. In his opinion, the armed conflict in South-East Ukraine may end up in the same way as in Yugoslavia in 1999 without a ground component.

the Former head of the SBU is confident that Russia might bomb Ukraine, even “without crossing the border.” “If from Russia will be used for space-aircraft component they strike our goal,” he said.

At the same time Smeshko expressed the opinion that Russia “will not go with a new attack on Ukraine” if she did not give a reason.

meanwhile, today in Ukraine said that Russia has a “secret weapon” in the Black sea. They say, Moscow is preparing an underwater base for total control of the black sea water area, in particular, surveillance of potential enemy weapons.

in early July, the commander of the Ukrainian Navy rear Admiral Alex Neiipp said that Kiev is preparing full-scale military action with Russia. He noted that the Russian military allegedly can attack the Kherson area, to keep water from the Dnieper to the Crimea.