The former Director of the Federal penitentiary service Alexander Reimer was released from prison ahead of schedule

the Chief jailer of the country was previously sentenced to 8 years in prison for fraud related to embezzlement of public funds in the procurement of electronic tracking bracelets.

it is Noted that the decision of the UDO was adopted on February 20. Previously just reported about him.

Freed now, Reimer in total had been imprisoned for five years instead of the eight assigned.

Photo: Kirill Kallinikov/RIA Novosti Former head of the Federal penitentiary service Reimer found guilty on charges of embezzlement

it is Worth noting that the court is not the first time granted the petition of the convicted person for PAROLE. In may last year the court rejected a similar petition.

the Criminal group, which, according to the investigation, led by Alexander Reimer in 2010-2012 stole more than 1.2 billion rubles. These funds were allocated to the prison service budget for the purchase of electronic bracelets to put on ankle house prisoners.

it is Established that officials of the Federal penitentiary service bought tracking devices many times more expensive than the market price. Instead of 19 thousand rubles each bracelet cost the state 108-128 thousand.

Detained Reimer and his associates in the spring of 2015 and immediately taken into custody. In June 2017, the Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow sentenced former head of the Federal penitentiary service for eight years in a penal colony, and ordered to pay a fine of 800 thousand rubles. Two other defendants also received real, but less time.

the appellate court (the court) affirmed the convictions in part an eight-year period for Reimer, but removed the penalty.