The Russian foreign Ministry called a flagrant example of unfair economic competition the US action against the social network TikTok.

“we See the disproportionate restrictive actions of the American side against one of the largest social networking TikTok violation of a wide range of international obligations of Washington to ensure free and wide dissemination of all forms of information, free choice of its sources, as well as promoting cooperation in this region”, — said the Russian Ministry.

Ban American citizens to cooperate with the owning TikTok Chinese company ByteDance based on unsubstantiated charges, the representative emphasized, adding that it is within the scope of the aggressive force the sale of the social network of American corporations.

The foreign Ministry pointed out that the actions of the US authorities are in breach of WTO rules, and the attempt of the Washington establishment “to justify such cavalier twisting of the hands of the Chinese competitor” for the purposes of absorbing looks especially cynical .

The Ministry urged Washington to reconsider its methods of struggle for the monopoly of the American IT giants in the international segment of social networks.

On 7 August, us President, Donald trump has signed a decree, which will enter into force 45 days after publication, prohibiting U.S. companies and individuals subject to U.S. jurisdiction from conducting any transactions with owning TikTok ByteDance company or its subsidiaries.

Trump also demanded that the American division TikTok was sold to Microsoft or other American companies until September 15 to avoid a ban in the country.

In TikTok responded to the decree of the trump.