Diplomats said that a contract to print Libyan dinars was signed in 2015 between JSC “Russia” and the head of the Central Bank of Libya approved by the Chamber of deputies (Parliament) of Libya. While the Libyan side had made the necessary payment. In the framework of the contractual obligations of the Russian organization sent a letter to the Central Bank in the city of Tobruk, the Libyan banknotes are printed. The funds necessary to maintain the stability of the whole Libyan economy.

it is also Noted that in terms of actual power in Libya currently, there are two Central banks. One of them is in Tripoli, where the international recognized government of national consensus. Another Central Bank is located in Benghazi. His head was appointed as the elected Libyan Parliament and has the necessary international legitimacy.

Russia has consistently advocated no alternative to political settlement in the framework of a broad dialogue mezhliviysky, strict compliance with the international community solutions to the Libyan issue. Moscow supports the initiative of the speaker of the Chamber of deputies of Libya, Agila Saleh to end the fratricidal conflict and the establishment of a new unified authorities of the country, points out the Russian foreign Ministry.