The foreign Ministry explained the situation around the

According to estimates by diplomats, USA, and serves the subject so that they will try to convince Russia and China not to veto the draft resolution of the UN security Council to extend the “arms embargo” against Iran. Actually a question about this in the Security Council is not necessary. For this reason there is no. Agreed in 2015, terms and conditions are not subject to revision. An absurd situation when a country begins to talk about the extension of certain requirements of the resolution, which she violated, but under the threat of sanctions is trying to prevent it to other countries.

Photo: Vladimir Fedorenko/ RIA Novosti Kosachev on nuclear deal: Russia is counting on the political wisdom of Iran

it is also Noted that the policy of “maximum pressure” against Iran has led to the fact that the US is isolated from the rest of the world, which respects and honours the UN security Council resolution 2231. The action of American law is limited only to the territory of the United States. In this connection the Russian party recommends that the state Department not to indulge in illusions and not to mislead their own legislators.

Washington ought to attend to the immediate elimination of his admitted violations of the AGREEMENT, return for strict implementation of UN security Council resolution 2231 and restore the reputation of the responsible participant in international Affairs, what is his obligation as a permanent member of the UN Security Council. It would be more correct than to dream of the infinite extension of the “arms embargo”, according to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation