The impression that Washington doesn’t know what else to do to frustrate AGREEMENT (Joint comprehensive plan of action on Iran’s nuclear program – ed.), said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, commenting on the lifting of US sanctions exemptions for Iran.

Earlier, the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the United States cease all exceptions from sanctions for Iranian peaceful nuclear energy, not counting the 1-th unit of the Bushehr nuclear power plant. This is one of the latest relief measures imposed against Iran in compliance with nuclear deal in 2015. Washington gave two months to the completion of the peaceful nuclear program of Iran, which would then be subject to sanctions.

"of course, We condemn this step. The world community for a long time, urged Washington to resume its obligations under these instruments. But we fix persistent hostility of the American political establishment to Iran. She outweighs and legal responsibility to partners, and care about their reputation in the world as the negotiability of the state, and the need to strengthen the authority of the UN security Council. The impression that Washington simply don’t know what else to do to frustrate the implementation of the AGREEMENT and the resolution of the UN security Council, " she said at a briefing on Thursday.