Would be the Transfer Saga of Gareth Bale in a Film, he would by the critics as spectacular, but unrealis-to-be are referred to. “Too many twists and turns!”, it would be hot. The viewer is lured Time and again on the wrong track. He never knows what is fact.

Such such is the fate of all who pursue the exchange-clutter the Welshman’s attention. As Zinédine Zidane, in may the scepter of Reals page, line after 284 days of absence will return to, the experts agree: Bale will remain in Madrid. “Zizou” wanted to sell the Welshman already in the summer of 2018, but failed. Now, after he received from President Florentino Perez total control over the squad, he will seal the finish is guaranteed within a day. Bale is so. You think.

Bale does not want to waive wage

it is Difficult for clubs such as Manchester United and PSG are traded as potential customers. The Hook? Real requires a high transfer fee and Bale wouldn’t dream of it, declines to accept his princely Madrid-salary of 280 000 francs per week. And bale’s adviser Jonathan Barnett said: “He has in Spain a wonderful life and home. I think it must have something out of the ordinary that he goes.” Bale remains so. You think.

After that, it gets suddenly quiet about the Welsh. He still gonna get a Chance in Madrid? If it succeeds, the favor of the Coach and the Fans to regain? At the end of July, after a test game against Bayern (1:3) skin Coach Zidane himself an out: “He has not played because the club tried to sell him … If he goes tomorrow, it would be even better. Hopefully the finish is done in a timely manner. I hope for all, even for him.” Clear and public, you can’t wish away a player. Bale is so. You think.

China-falls Transfer to the water

Tags to ensure it gets suddenly very concrete. Real has received from China a quote. Jiangsu Suning to pay Bale a weekly dream wage of 1.22 million Swiss francs. Only last minute Details would need to be clarified. The report comes from well-informed sources. Yes, Bale’s! You think.

Last Sunday, swinging the pendulum again in the other direction. The “BBC” reports: Real Madrid makes the Transfer! Exact reasons are not called. Is rumored, however, that Real about the depth of the transfer fee of 20 million euros was a little amused. In addition, Jiangsu Suning has been exhausted after the shopping of Ivan Santini be a foreign game quota already. Bale remains so. You think.

madman Pogba swap in work?

A new rumor is now: Suning obliged to Bale and lends it directly to Inter Milan, both clubs, the Suning Holdings Group to belong to. The Spanish “Marca” brings Paul Pogba from Manchester United back into the race. An exchange should aim for the Royal. Bale and a couple of chunk to Old Trafford, Pogba to the Bernabeu. Bale is so? Or is it not?

The Transfer of theatre to the once most expensive footballer in the world is likely to be in the next few days one or the other “unrealistic” turn richer. Until the exchange window is closed, it means: Wait until the Director knows how this movie ends. (tell)

It is simmering powerful, in the transfer rumours for the summer window 2019/2020. Who is going to take whom, what are the Top Stars? Here you will learn everything.