The flu epidemic is spreading again this year in the whole of Switzerland and makes it likely to for some time.

According to the latest Figures of the Federal office for health (BAG) was the number of flu reports in the second week of February at 307 per 100’000 inhabitants. A new highlight in the current flu season.

The epidemic threshold of 68 flu cases per 100’000 inhabitants is reached since mid-January, and the number of flu sufferers is rising steadily. In comparison to the last two years, the flu peak has moved further into the new year. Last year this was already the end of January.

especially the Small need to guard,

most dramatically, it has caught the Smallest. In the group of under 5-Year-old 639 of 100’000 bedridden. The tendency is rising.

But also on the over 65-Year-old something. In the case of the elderly, this value is 209 to 100’000 inhabitants is below average. However, the flu is increasing trend.

Well protected from flu with a vaccination. According to the Federal office for health (BAG) would you stay with a probability between 60 to 80 percent healthy. The vaccination effect among young, says Daniel cook, head of Communicable diseases at the BAG. In the Elderly, and the chronically ill, the Vaccine was lower. Besides a syringe, you can simple behavior rules to reduce the risk of infection. It is also advisable to wash regularly and thoroughly with the hands.

Because the flu pathogen to be brought on by coughing and Sneezing into circulation. And then through the direct contact with the skin, such as when shaking hands. Summing up then in the face, can implant the virus on the mucous membranes. Important: healthy diet, enough sleep and regular Airing. In heated rooms and air-conditioned workplaces, virus feel especially comfortable.

No Region is virus-free

The flu is widespread, according to BAG in the whole of Switzerland. In the other was reported in the whole of Europe, as well as in America and Asia, an increased number of flu illnesses. Only the Canadians have weathered the climax of your wave of Flu.