Flight attendants of various airlines has opened ways to obtain particular advantages during the flight. Their tips they shared on the portal Reddit and Quora, reports the Daily Express.

So, one of the crew members wrote that they had offered free drinks, friendly passengers, had caused his sympathy. Another noted, what distinguishes someone who smiles during the flight, or the first to start a conversation. “If you talk before takeoff, they [flight attendants] will treat you much better than usual,” wrote a staff member.

In turn, one of the passengers who were on the same forum, said that indeed received a bonus from flight attendants, just talk to her on the plane.

“my wife brought free champagne and chocolate mousse, while everyone around just looked at us,” said the man.

however, flight attendants are reminded that courtesy towards them “must be aimed not only at getting freebies”.

“You may just have to thank you, and may ask where you are sitting — and you will get the best service. The main thing — not to expect anything in return,” wrote an anonymous user of the portal, adding that the flight attendants “hard work” because they have to deal with a large number of capricious and discontented people, because they are always happy to see passengers in a good mood and with a smile on her face.

Previously, passengers have uncovered ways to get a ticket in the business class of the aircraft. The first advice given by seasoned travelers from around the world, to be “loyal” customer of the airline in order to get various bonuses.