an Unknown flight attendant has revealed the danger of drinking coffee and other beverages on Board the aircraft. This writes the Express.

According to flight attendants, the crew members used to make most of them are tap water. While recent studies have shown that in most cases the water contains, for example, E. coli or other bacteria.

it is Also unknown how frequently cleaning reservoirs for transport and boil water in the liner. In this regard, travelers should stock up on drinks on the flight or on Board the exclusively bottled water.

in addition, said an employee of the airline, the quality of the water from the tap on Board is so low that after using the toilet passengers are advised not to wash hands in the sink, and to treat them with a disinfectant.

on February 12, the flight attendant Hong Kong airlines, Cathay Pacific Derry, Lin said that passengers should refuse served during the flight of water, as it “is not as pure as many think.”