the Flemish government has announced recently a new campaign, #IKREDLEVENS in order to further the spread of the corona virus from entering the system. Three of the important checks would be the people to encourage good habits, and so on. Among others, Elodie Ouédraogo, He Av en An Lemmens to put their shoulders to the wheel in the campaign.

In the coronacrisis, everyone can make a difference. That has been the focus of a new campaign from the government. “The current situation calls for civic responsibility and everyone must take responsibility for the spread of the corona virus to go”, says a press release. “The guidelines are strictly and simply to stay at home.”

The campaign to #IKREDLEVENS needs of the people, every day guidelines to remember. In conjunction with the national emergency operations centre will be in three lines, or three “checks”, stressed:

1. I’m going to stay home and wash my hands. 2. I am in love with the elderly, just e-mail or telephone. 3. I keep a 1.5 m distance, as if I really have to.

the well-Known faces, An Lemmens, Dieter Coppens and Elodie Ouédraogo put their shoulders to the wheel, the campaign will also work together to look at the tv spot. “Our screen – and-radiogezichten encourage people to ‘check, check, check ” to do so. With the three simple checks that anyone can do it, we want media companies to help to get the corona virus and continue to do.”

(read on below video)

The Flemish government as part of the campaign for the support of all of the Flemish media partners, and the message is widely spread via tv, radio, magazines, newspapers, online, BATCH, Media, VRT, SBS, and the “media house”, put them on their shoulders to the wheel in the campaign.

The goal of the campaign is not only to get people to call for good conduct, but to also be a financial shot in the arm for the many media outlets that it is hard to have, as a result of a dropped link back to your website.

“Our journalists and media are on the front lines of the war against the corona virus. They will bring round-the-clock high-quality current affairs programmes, and news about the spread of the virus. Newspaper sites get informative articles on behind-the-betaalmuur, and make them available to everyone, the television set, additional classes and programs are open to all audiences,” says the Flemish minister for the Media, Benjamin It. “However, the financially difficult, they are also confronted with the sick, and cancelled advertising campaigns. With this investment, we want to also provide them with the financial push. We don’t need to tackle this crisis, not only locally, but also in the local advertising on the internet. ”

The campaign will start on the 26th of march. On the website, you will find a “layer” of the campaign is to get your profile picture to off.

for More information about the corona virus in or call us on 0800 14 is 689.