the Flag of hydrography of the Navy of Russia on the new small hydrographic vessel “Nikolay Skosyrev” lift in late June. The crew prepares the ship for the ceremony.

this was reported by the press service of the Northern fleet. “Nicholas Skosyrev,” and it was built at the plant “Vympel” in Rybinsk has passed the two weeks of state testing. Water checked the seaworthiness of the vessel, the work of hoisting devices, hydrographic weapons, navigation equipment. Signed the act of completion of state tests.

“Nicholas Skosyrev” will serve in the Northern fleet. It is designed to perform hydrographic surveys and pilot work in the Arctic in the near and middle marine area. Its displacement is about one thousand tons. The hull is strengthened to ice class, so the “Nicholas Skosyrev” can swim in the sparse ice thickness up to 80 inches.