The two Swiss authors, Simone Meier and Güzin Kar have triggered with a #close to an international debate. You show how sexist often about authors is reported, and to turn the tables on them by writing about men, as women often is made on your appearance-related. We set a plan and present the best of the authors of the Swiss literary scene – taste excesses, transgressions and shameless reduction on the Outer including. But hey! Not whining – we women have to endure also.

The brilliant Brilliant

A good Portion of Brilliantine keeps the hair in check, the mass suit is just as accurate as the tie, the Reading voice slightly creaking, yet soft and behind-the-sly drooping eyelids life lessons from the earlier experiences in the advertiser-carpet days of flashing. Who could stand so much smarter brilliance reflect?

The write end of the Model

interview questions to react to his appearance he was seriously annoyed. In doing so, he would have all the reason, pride: With its perfect skin, dreamy blue eyes and the white could change teeth Thicker as well on a Hollywood career or on the Modeling. Maybe he is on this card, if the ideas for a next book out. Wish it would be. Then we would finally see more of him.

The Poet with the stable smell

Since the Geiss Peter there is in Switzerland the stereotype of the loyal, sexy mountain boys, the smell is also a bit of a homey feel to the barn. Camenisch, often with messy hair and a red cap on the road, puts his body in tight knit sweaters on Display. In addition, the mountain people cultivated with the sensual lips, the width of most of the Grisons dialect. The dulling voice and listening to the Dream – we could forever.

The photogenic thinker

the steel blue eyes, laughter lines, three-day beard and an anger wrinkle: root cultivated carefully, the mixture from the catalogue “model Look” and more photogenic despair in society, the reader, is weak. Or who would not want to smooth out those frown lines?

The charming pus

the outside of An Eyelid, dark eye rings, but also: silk, longer hair and a boyish-will finish by body – for readers of these irresistible triggers stand-up mixture from the precariat and charm, the desire to take him home to give him a warm bowl of soup and a bath to let in.