The fishermen caught from the Irtysh river monster

In some areas of the Chelyabinsk region still do ice fishing. The South Ural fisherman today shared in social networks photos of an unusual production on the Irtysh river.

Caught a lot of fish, but among her impressive size pike. This fish is often called the river shark, the structure of the teeth. They are so big that is similar to the jaws of sea predators.

Maxim had caught winter fish of large size. However, this river monster of the Nutcracker. As seen in the photo, the length of the pike nearly catches up with the growth of the fisherman. Known, informs GTRK “southern Ural” that the weight of some individuals of this species can reach 45 kilograms.

Note, the Irtysh river is quite interesting and rich. It flows through the territory of three countries — China, Russia and Kazakhstan, and is the longest tributary of the Ob. And the Irtysh river one of the cleanest and low mineralization of waters in the world. In the river sturgeon, Siberian sturgeon, salmonids, carp and various cod.

last year, social networks were popular photography, where a fisherman pulled out of the Irtysh long monster, a cross between an eel and a snake. Later users have determined that it is just really, really rare freshwater lamprey.

Text: STRC “South Ural”