The first unit ready: hospital construction in New Moscow is at a record pace

the New hospital, which is under construction in New Moscow will be ready by 40 percent. Fully erected the first block. Clock on large-scale construction employs thousands of people. Today to assess the progress came mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

it’s impossible To believe: some 10 days ago from Novomoskovsk settlement Voronovskoe was overgrown with weeds the field, and now here digging trenches, laying power lines, pipelines, sewers, laid the foundations and erected the skeletons of future buildings, which here will be more than 50.

80 thousand square meters, like a huge anthill, where everyone knows their task. The building materials drop continuously. On the construction at the same time employs about 5 thousand people — around the clock, seven days a week without breaks, even for lunch, the teams go at a time. And hospital buildings grow before our eyes.

Construction is ten times faster than normal rate. And now the first building is almost ready: double rooms, all necessary equipment, including ventilators. Only the medical corps, there will be seven.

“today, the volume of construction completed 40 percent construction deployed in full swing, is the installation of buildings, utilities, roads, supply of medical equipment,” — said the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

at the same time there are building intensive care, diagnostic and surgical units, a laboratory, a helicopter pad, and water intake sites, networks, heat and water supply, access roads, dormitories for the medical staff and the latest cleaning systems and filtering.

“First, all medical and domestic waste water will be a specialized system of decontamination: chemical, steam and UV. Further, the effluent will move already in the standard system and cleaning out the most polluted vehicles are removed and disposed of,” — explains Andrey Bochkarev, the Deputyü mayor of Moscow in government of Moscow on urban policy and construction.

Over the trucks and excavators are flying melodies of familiar songs: is “March of the builders” now “Earthlings” and “Army of the people” . The engineers say, is very inspiring. Take an example from the great buildings of the past.

“I do Not have anyone to motivate or persuade. People feel at the front, and everything done here is done for the fate of thousands of people who are here to be treated”, — says Alexei Dobashin, General Director of the contractor company.

the New hospital that is being built, this is not a temporary facility and the capital facility for decades. That is, next month the city will get a modern isolation hospital with 500 beds.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”