The first suburban train departed from Kerch to Anapa

the Train, which today will begin to run – this is the most modern in Russia rail bus that can run on such routes, – said General Director of “South suburban passenger company”, Alexey Ilyin. Between the Kerch and Anapa will run three pairs of trains. Their speed is about 140 kilometers per hour, and on the Crimean bridge – 80. As a result, the train will arrive from Kerch to Anapa much faster than the bus, which takes about three hours.

Photo: the information center Rail bus Kerch – Anapa will connect Crimea and Kuban

on the new route as of the morning of 7 March sold about 400 tickets, including the first train – around 200. The price of tickets, we will remind, 439 rubles, including travel to the station Taman-Passenger – 69 rubles.

– ticket Prices set not by the carriers, and the regional authorities, – said Alexey Ilyin. – The government of Crimea set a rate of 1.77 rubles per one passenger-kilometer, and in the Krasnodar region – 3,70.

the Authorities of the Republic of Crimea are planning to run commuter trains to Feodosiya and Simferopol.

– This direction is popular among Crimeans and the Kuban who go to work in the neighbouring region, as well as the students, – said the Minister of transport of Kazakhstan Sergey Karpov. We will coordinate the schedule of regular buses and commuter trains to the railway station was convenient to reach other settlements.

the beginning of the movement railsonusb prepared and decorated Kerch train station is where today came a few hundred residents and railroad workers. Sunny weather to match the holiday mood. For the mourners, and the first passengers on the platform had a gig and Thorthe divine meeting.

For me and my family it’s a train – another common thread with Russia, – said the employee of the “Crimean Railways” Natalia Stryukova. – Today came to see the first train, and March 27, will go with her granddaughter in Anapa Dolphinarium.

– I live in Anapa daughter, granddaughter and son-in-law and I go there every month – said one of the first passengers Alexander Trishin. – Had traveled by bus and found out that it’s a commuter train, and decided to go on it. The price is about the same, and the journey time is less.

Photo: Press-service of Published the schedule of suburban trains Kerch – Anapa

– This direction is in demand by tourists who, for example, arrived in Anapa and have the opportunity for just one day to go to the ancient Russian city of Kerch and discover its sights, – said Vladimir Coif, head of the Federal Agency for railway transport (Roszheldor). – At the time of transition of the Railways on the summer schedule, will launch a new railway station Kerch-Yuzhnaya. And heads of administrations of the settlements located along the route of the trains are already asking us to introduce an additional train stop in the South, in baherove and other stations. We will consider such opportunity on the basis of demand and passenger traffic.

As explained Vladimir Coif, for the Crimea to be purchased nine more trains for the commuter is rail buses RA-2 and RA-3 and electric. Consider the possibility of extending their routes, but in this case they are not suburban and interregional.