In Biasca, TI climbed up the Thermometer to 29.9 degrees, in Chur to 29.1 degrees, as MeteoNews on Sunday writes in a message. In the coming days, it’s more summery. Especially on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 30-degree could be cracked widely used brand.

Despite the weather, many people travelled over the extended weekend in the South. The return journey, traffic in front of the Gotthard tunnel, built-up, therefore, shortly before 18 o’clock from Biasca to a length of 15 kilometers. Travelers had to suffer a loss of time of around four hours, as Viasuisse announced on Sunday.

A Dodge over the Gotthard pass was not possible, since this was blocked after an avalanche on Sunday morning, shortly before 9 o’clock. Also on the alternative route to the A13, the traffic was building up, there travelers had to schedule two hours of more time.

The Visit of the American Minister for foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo have tightened the return trip, traffic, writes Viasuisse more. At 11 p.m., the A2 has been locked, therefore, between Lugano-North and Bellinzona for a short time, what had been a backwater up to Mendrisio for a result. Affected by the visit of the foreign Minister and his Entourage also were the main roads in and around Agno, and Cadenazzo.

As with the outward journey, watching Viasuisse now also during the return trip, transport the car to the loading stations were actively used. The car transfer Furka in the upper forest, the waiting time was shortly before 18 o’clock three hours, the Lötschberg tunnel at Goppenstein and the vereina tunnel to Sagliains travelers waited also hour.

on the Saturday return, travellers needed a lot of nerves; the vehicles were bunched up against 15 at the Gotthard South portal at Airolo on a length of tens of kilometers.

it was Also the beginning of the Driveway this weekend asked for the drivers on the way to the South, as usual, patience. On Thursday morning, the length of the sheet-metal avalanche of fraud in front of the Gotthard North portal, ten kilometers. Then the jam went back quite quickly.

there was a driveway just in Time to have been on Thursday at 8 p.m., the Gotthard pass road to the winter lock is opened. However, because in this year a particularly large masses of Snow, was the Opening for the time being, only in the morning possible. For safety reasons, the section of the Gotthard mätteli-Gotthard was closed to the hospice between Thursday and Monday from 13 o’clock to 6 o’clock again.