The participant of Eurovision-2021 from Greece Stefania decided on a song for the competition. Thus, the Balkan country became the first who has publicly announced his bid for the musical competition, reports the Telegram-channel of Eurovision.

However, according to the rules of the contest, the song should not be executed before September 1, 2020, so its application Greece will present later.

It is known that the author of the song became a Greek composer Dimitris Kontopoulos. He works with Philip Kirkorov in the Dream Team that creates applications for different countries for the Eurovision song contest, in particular for Russia.

Kontopoulos became co-author of the songs Shine for sisters Tolmachev (2014, 7th place), You Are The Only One and Scream for Sergey Lazarev (2016 and 2019-3rd place).

Stephanie was supposed to represent the country at Eurovision in 2020 with the song Superg!rl. However, due to the pandemic coronavirus traditional European competition was cancelled.

In 2020 the European broadcasting Union and aired a special show about the Eurovision song contest, where they showed excerpts of all competition entries this year. In 2021, the Eurovision song contest will be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

In addition, in 2020, was released a feature film devoted to the Eurovision song contest. It was prepared especially for the anniversary contest.